Augsut 5, 2015

The Sandanona Joint Puppy Show was a great success again this year with an outstanding turnout of both children and puppies. 

The judges - Joint Masters of the Hill and Hollow Bassets, Marion Scullin and Carter Amigh, - managed to sort out the even dozen Beagle Doghounds representing the Old Chatham Foot Beagles, the Sandanona Harehounds and Kate Butler's...

by Carola Lott

August 3, 2015

The Millbrook Horse Trials ended Sunday afternoon.  Before a large crowd at the Benefit lunch Buck Davidson won the Advance Division on Ballynoecastle RM, the same horse with which he won the MHT in 2012. Kim Severson with Fernhill Fearless was second and Lynn Symansky with Donner was third in the advance.  See below for the rest of the results.


by Carola Lott

August 1, 2015

In the Advanced division at the end of the dressage and cross country phases Colleen Rutledge is in first place with Covert Rights. Kim Severson on Fernhill Fearless is second followed by Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair in third. Bruce Davidson on Ballynoecastle RM is fourth. In Open Intermediate-B Buck Davidson is in both first and second place on Carlevo and...

August 1, 2015

At the end of the dressage phase most of the top riders were in close contention.  Kim Severson on Fernhill Fearless with a 26.2 is leading the 57 Advanced riders; next is Lynn Symansky on Donner with 27.9, followed by Bruce Davidson on Ballynoecastle RM with 28.1.  Colleen Rutledge on Covert Rights, Holly Payne on Santino and Justine Dutton on Jollybo...

by Carola Lott

July 31, 2015

Most of the Advanced riders begin competition today.  A few, however, rode the dressage phase Thursday. In first place as of Friday morning is Kim Severson on Fernhill Fearless. Second is Colleen Rutledge and Covert Rights, and third is Holly Payne on Santino.

Millbrook riders worth a mention in the dressage phase are Fernanda Kellogg who was second on...

July 29, 2015


1075 ...

by Carola Lott

July 27, 2015

The early morning rain ended just in time for two exciting polo matches at Mashomack.

In the Nueva Escocia Buena Vista defeated Tres Cuatros 15 to 10.  The most valuable player was Bauti Crotto of Buena Vista.

Heathcote won the Eddie Moore for the third year in a row defeating Gardenvale 13-8. The most valuable player was Tatin Zubiaurre.  ...