Mashomack Polo results and schedule for the Tracey Mactaggart finals

Shekomeko and Heathcote battle for the ball - photo by Carola Lott

This weekend five exciting matches were played between the teams hoping to reach the finals next weekend of the Tracey Mactaggart polo tournament. 

In Bracket A Hawk Hill defeated Gardenvale 12-11 

In Bracket B Heathcote defeated Shekomeko 11-8 

In Bracket A Smithfield defeated Stone Rows 14-9 

In Bracket A  Stone Rows defeated Gardenvale 11-10 

In Bracket A Gardenvale defeated Smithfield 13-8 


Friday September 4  The Tracey Mactaggart semi-finals 

3:00 pmHeathcote vs Smithfield

5:30 pmHawk Hill vs Shekomeko.


 Sunday, September 6:

10:00 am Tracey Mactaggart Handicap Final   - Stone Rows vs Buena Vista

12:00 12pm Tracey Mactaggart Final