Property corner

Halcyon Hall, a relic of the 20th century, vacant for 40 years, has been chosen by Fox News as a new broadcast center.  Ric Santorum has been chosen to head up the project. 

Mme Lafarge has listed The Bastille for an undisclosed price.  There will be an open house on July 14.  

J. Alfred Prufrock reports listing “The Wasteland” for sale.  He said it will be a tough property to move.  It’s designer was misanthropic, confused by a Harvard education, he inserted Sanskrit, Japanese, Persian, French  and perhaps Icelandic elements into his decorative scheme in a confusing maze of disparate references that have mostly gone out of style.  A maze, steep steps, paths that go nowhere, traps, a torture chamber and a whipping post are among the amenities that make the property special.    

Henry Two Door is offering a tennis court and a section of garden to let to anyone with a marriageable daughter. 

The Millbrook Swamp was reported sold to A. Herron, who flew in to close the deal early yesterday. The buyer stood on one leg until the deed was executed. He then flew off. 

Sighlow, a broker from Nevada, will be offering free golf lessons to buyers of his property called “Off Course” that is undergoing reconstruction at the bottom of Mme Lafarge’s Hill.  Buyers will be taught not to slice.  

The Millbrook Combine is taking bids on the Prickly building whose architecture was commented upon favorably in a 1923 issue of Vanity Is Fair. It was once the scene of a movie involving teenagers from a nearby school. For more information, contact The Combine.

Two recent escapees of an Upstate institution seek a simple but well fortified situation with a moat.  They have been referred to Morningstar, a moat specialist.  

Brokers report that empty stores are filling fast. They say “fortune favors the fleet”. 

They actually have not said that.  We made it up.