Amenia Republicans pick candidates

Perotti in, Kelsey out

On September 10th a small turn-out of Republican voters selected with only 220 voters coming out for the office of Supervisor. Victoria Perotti and Mike Delango were vying for the position.  It was a close race, with Delango garnering 96 votes and Perotti winning with 123 votes. 

Victoria Perotti told TMI: “I would like to thank the voters for their support and look forward to working together on important projects for the Town of Amenia.”

The race for County Legislator was between incumbent Michael Kelsey and Sandra Washburn.  37 year-old Pleasant Valley resident Washburn, won with 260 votes to Kelsey’s 132.  The Dutchess County GOP Committee had endorsed Sandra Washburn, “a Republican of impeccable character,” back in August, an unusual action, since they had previously stated that they would not endorse candidates before a primary.   They had cited the criminal sexual abuse charges against Kelsey as the reason for their endorsement of Washburn.

Kelsey stated after the election: “To the 132 Republicans who voted for me, thank you for continuing to believe in me despite all the muck and mire. Powerful forces were against me, I worked hard to the end, but did not prevail."