The Winter Solstice, below the equator the Summer Solstice, and according to Mayan artifacts the end of a 20,000 year cycle?  This is a portion of the Dec 21 2012 hoopla.  This time of year is the time of the greatest darkness.  Dec 22 will be moving toward the greatest light on June 20.

Modern humanity is not celebrating the emotional, psychic, intuitive part of life.  Our Aquarian television, internet etc. is all about selling material stuff and at the moment it seems predominately, drugs, to heal the mind body connection.  Shall we try and think of some other way to bridge the gap?

Remember to read your rising sign/ascendant if you know it.

Aries ruled by Mars

Your fiery nature is being tempered by discipline.  You can do it.  Be prepared to be caught in a web of stillness.  Our culture of action and reaction has supported you for a very long time.  But, it is the lizard brain that has been in control.  There is much more to you, with fire as your element.  You can lead the rest of us into the world of wisdom and joy.

Taurus ruled by Venus

I would like to say that Mary Michele Rutherfurd's Horoscope is refreshingly clear, amusing and succinct.  I have read it several times and I must say that she has a writing style that is long on clarity and short on ornament.  It is fun to read - I look forward to it, in fact.

Samhain is the most important Celtic holiday. Halloween is a combination word meaning Holy (Hallow) plus, between.  November 1 is the first day of winter in the ancient belief system.  The day before it, is when we celebrate the dying of something and get ready to fertilize/feed the next.  Scorpio is the sign of Death and Rebirth.  For more on Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, please feel free to comment on my blog at http://marymichele.org    

Remember to read your Ascendant, if you know it, as well.

Aries ruled by Mars

Your ability to communicate is inspired and fun for you at the moment.  Your beliefs will be heard in any way you choose to operate.  Have people over, if you are a cook, or take a trip to observe another culture.  Your energy is changeable, mutable, and a bit uneven in what is considered normal.  Take advantage of the days that seem glorious and try and remember them on the days that are less so.

Taurus ruled by Venus

 In olden days October was the eight month.  The year began in March until Julius Caesar and Augustus added two months named after them, July and August.  The eight sided shape of Octagon, and the eight legged creature, the Octopus.  Eight is the symbol of infinity standing up.  We ponder infinity when we celebrate Halloween; we invite the dead to come out to play.  Many traditions celebrate the trickster to jolly us along to contemplate chaos.  We must die to be reborn, in a figurative way. 

Aries ruled by Mars

In astrology we start the cycle with Aries and the month of March-April and the beginning of spring.  Mars could go to war in the spring as he could fight and fall on soft ground.  This Month you must bow to the lady.  Your fight is with the irrational and perceptive.  After the 6th you will be more philosophical about it.  Have fun playing touch football or dancing as it requires extra breathing. 

Taurus ruled by Venus

The Stars Incline, They do Not Compel

Astrology honors the Lunar calendar.  There are 13 Lunar months in the year.  In the age old war between the sexes this is perhaps why the Julian calendar, which heralded a more patriarchal society, created the Solar, 12 month year.  The Sun went into Virgo on August 22 at 1:07 pm and the second full Moon of August is the 31rst at 9:58am, the Virgo/Pisces polarity.  The full moon is about integrating the opposite signs. The Moon pulls at our internal waters, emotions. This is an irrational feeling.   Mercury is also in Virgo. This brings a strong need for organization ,very good news for back to school and back to work.  Remember to celebrate the cycle of the earth at the Autumnal equinox September 22.

Aries ruled by Mars

With your ruler Mars in Libra, there is way too much discussion for you.  Where is the action?  Luckily Saturn is still in Libra, so you are able to structure your time in ways not usually available to you.   You will be having big splashes of insight, be with yourself and try to not worship the need to do.

Taurus ruled by Venus

The stars incline, they do not compel

The month of August starts with the full moon on the 1st at 11:27pm.  The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, the need to be Conscious, and to be seen.  The Moon will be in the opposite sign of Aquarius. This takes us into the world of the Unconscious, from the perspective of the collective.  Things we have tried to hide from ourselves are necessarily being exposed in an emotional way.  It is revealing the personal Leo, having to integrate the humanitarian Aquarius.

Aries: As a fire sign, Aries is riding these last days of summer on the crest of the wave.  The creative ways to do most anything are tumbling out with bursts of energy.  Aries, most always needs a nanny to help keep him out of trouble.  Be prepared to get your breaks fixed and remember to breathe.

“The Stars Incline, They do not Compel”

The astrologer writes from the POV of the Sun on the Ascendant aka rising sign or hour of birth.  When reading your sign, please read sign of ascendant first.  The Sun sign has value, but less specific.


The sign of pure masculinity, even girls have this sense of purpose and direction.  The focus is on innovation and sticking to the chosen path.  There may be a pull to spend more time in the home; the issues of security are very strong right now.  Try to see the hearth as being a new mountain to climb.  As a fire sign, you will create new ways of seeing your inner universe


The planet Venus is moving forward but not in the tangible way you would like.  As a being of the earth and all that is sensuous, you might be required to perceive things in a more erudite fashion.  It is not the time to be in full control.  In fact, the more you can see that control is only achieved when you let go, the better.  Make room for the visit to the water’s edge.