Certain words have become a part of our vernacular and we sometimes forget their origins.  Joseph Cambell's word "bliss" is a compilation of the many myths and belief systems he studied.  What does it mean to you?  Carl Jung's "collective unconscious"and "synchronicity" are also words that require a bit more contemplation.

Astrology is a language of symbols and correspondences.

This month we are swimming in the waters of our feelings.  Enjoy floating.

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Aries ruled by Mars

Men and their toys.  Do you like chain saws?  Power is seductive and very much a necessary part of the human condition.  Being required to contain duality is not your favorite thing.  A surgeon cannot be indecisive about where to make the incision.  Do not try to be in too many places at once.

Taurus ruled by Venus

The sign of Gemini where the Sun is this month, is ruled by the element of air.  Think of all the ways air is a part of our lives.  What we breath, how we communicate, are in constant flux.  Our abilities to be thoughtful and aggressive are conditioned by the moods we experience and it is air that stimulates the brain.  The expression “Know Thyself” may be interpreted by how we observe our feelings and those of others.

If you know your rising sign please read that as well.

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Aries ruled by Mars

You can be as fierce as Taras Bulba, the Cossack leader of the Ukraine.  But, your mind is taking over the lead in the battle you are engaged in.  See the speed of the thoughts you are having and let them race without putting them into action.  You will win through acknowledgment of observation.

Taurus ruled by Venus

Let’s hear it for the first of May.  Hurray Hurray!  It’s the time of the year to celebrate the sensuous and silly. The animal in all of us responds to the senses.  The look, sound and smell of something is what we need to see as fresh.  The ground becoming softer and new life emerging means the concept of play is foremost.   Love is more comfortable the second time around.  

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Read your ascendant if you know it.

Ares ruled by Mars

Mars is in Taurus.  The earth must be tilled to plant.  The drama of your life will be contained to focus on cooperation.  There will be plenty of opportunity to connect with new and old friends.  Be gentle with your actions, your natural impulsiveness will have support in most endeavors as long as you temper with observing others sensibilities. 

Taurus rule by Venus

Think Superhero.  This is the time of the year when motivation is superseding contemplation.  If you try to just be with yourself you might find the uncontrolable twitch in mind/body overwhelmingly persuasive to get out and act before thinking.  In the days before instant communication, the spring was when people emerged from their winter nap and attacked whatever was in their way.  As we are instantly aware of the repercussions now, the force of nature can be quite scary.  Faith is the opposite of fear.  Remember to read your rising sign.  Please visit my website www.marymichele.org   

Aries ruled by Mars

Mars is the charming daredevil.  Evil Knievel.  What makes someone capable of breaking every bone in their body and going back for more?  April 10th brings the new moon and an unrelenting need to charge forth.  Like being in love there is a huge part of the human condition that likes change and action.  Will you be the one who is always trying to start up the band?

Taurus ruled by Venus

March 2013 Astrology 

One of the fundamental foibles of astrology is the nature of fate vs. free will.  This leads to a contemplation of truth.  Truth is like the myth of Okyrhoe, fast moving and flowing.  A daughter of Medusa and Neptune, she could see the future.  The telling of this truth altered her appearance and she became a horse.  The Gods and our unconscious only allow the truths that they perceive as necessary for the moment.  Anything else will change our paths forever.

This a Piscean time with The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune all in the sign of the fishes.  The old Pope and the new one have had their destinies change irrevocably.

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Aries ruled by Mars

You know what cures snake bite?  Snake venom.  The image for Hippocrates staff is a marriage of snakes.  In the east, snakes are the wingless dragons.  This year is the Asian Year of the Snake with the New Year from Feb 4th – Feb 12th. Snakes represent beauty, wisdom, financial sophistication, and laziness.  Be leery of arousing their anger; remember the speed with which they strike.  Ancient traditions related to the cycles of the earth and the Asian New Year is the second new moon after the Winter solstice.

Remember to read your ascendant if you know it.

Aries rule by Mars

Action is limited at the moment.  Yours is not the sign of reflection, but we all have to do it sometimes.  Contemplating your emotions and your inner light is done with a gentle touch.  You will probably have someone to help if you allow them.  Think of the advice or insight you are being offered as unique, and your ego will emerge intact, shortly.

Taurus ruled by Venus

My favorite expression was hung in my Mother’s bathroom: “Create Yourself, Everything Else has been Done.”

Venus is not just the Goddess of Love and Beauty.  She makes us do battle on a daily basis with the feminine side of our Nature.  The act of creating is not strictly about harmony and bliss.  The knights of old held the unconscious up to be examined.  Other traditions, female archetypes such as Inanna, Shakti, or the Queen of Sheba, all used weapons to achieve their goals.  The Holy Grail and the Blood it contained is a rather gory image if seen without prejudice.  This Winter Solstice on 12/21/12 was an alignment with the Galactic Center and the black hole from which the stars and our planets emerged.  We are each of us a Star, which came from this explosion.

Remember to read your rising sign if you know it.

Aries ruled by Mars