September 10, 2014

Does unusual weather affect time?  With the past winter snow days, the school year gets earlier.     This phenomenon is in keeping with the theory of global warming.  Time is looked at in different ways.  Like the Sphinx's question.  What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?  The speed of the walking seems to be erratic. Is the wobble of the earth doing an Irish jig?

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Aries ruled by Mars

As an initiator you are given free rein this month.  Children will see you as the Pied Piper.  Any bonfires you start will bring folks together to enjoy the fireworks.  You could be looking at borrowing money.  If so, play down the drama and enforce a lengthy prospectus or proposal.  Metal is your element, find a way to shape it.

Taurus ruled by Venus

August 2014

Lovely Leo, is being adored by Jupiter the Magnificent. The key word is courage. Think with your heart. How often do you feel lesser than?  This is the balance to observe when entitlement wars with acceptance. Theosophist Frank L Baum, wrote Wizard of Oz. He gave both the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion the element of heart. One looks for compassion the other looks for courage. Children usually have these qualities before they grow up. Is respect anything but someone other acknowledging your presence?  Within our limited bodies and brains the ability to listen and express is always in conflict. Like the masks of drama and comedy, the theater is ruled by Leo.

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Aries ruled by Mars

PL Travers once remarked that Fire makes Water boil, but Water puts out fire. You have renewed energy with your ruler moving into Scorpio. You also are stymied by the limitations of Chaos, your friend, doing a reverse tango. As the initiator, you are simmering with the need for action. The strength of the body is needed to envelope the brain.

July is the seventh month.  Seven is a number that resonates.  The musical scale is seven notes. The seven days of the week represent the planetary bodies observable to the eye.  The week starts with the Moon on Monday, Mars on Tuesday, Mercury on Wednesday, Jupiter on Thursday, Venus on Friday (which is the Celtic Fredda) Saturday Saturn's day and Sunday for the Sun.  Can you see the imagery of each story?  Contemplate the day and the part of the human condition it represents.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, the Mother, the unconscious.  Monday is the day to do laundry, catch up and get ready for action on Tuesday.  Use July to get ready for August, ruled by the Sun and the sign of Leo, which demands consciousness.

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Aries ruled by Mars 

Gemini is always creating a germ of an idea.  As the sign that moves around the most, it could be likened to a bee pollinating.  For most of June, Mercury is retrograde and and the trickster side of Gemini is in full force.  More than usual, realize people are not saying what they mean.  Instead of getting angry, be humored by the mallaprops.  If travel is in your life, strike up conversations with strangers.

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Aries ruled by Mars

Thank goodness after a prolonged period of time, your ruler is moving forward again.  By mid July the planning stages will be set to move into a new arena.  Training is a slow process, so many elements go into becoming a focused entity.  The mind and the body do not often move at the same pace.  As the sign of action, stretching the body or contemplate nothingness is not your strong suit.

Taurus ruled by Venus

Taurus is the first earth sign and very solidly planted.   Earth Day and Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday are both symbols of the continuity of life.  The eclipse on April 29th highlights the focus of staying grounded through relentless change.  Can we see death coming?  Pluto in Capricorn is asking this question.  Can we remember that death precedes new life?  In the days of the building of the Sphinx, perhaps 10,000 years ago, the Pharaoh’s head stays strong on the lion’s body.  Only in the last one hundred years have we known there was a body.  And perhaps when the monument was built water surrounded the foundation.  This climate change relates to fire and water, or the ongoing shifting sands.

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Aries ruled by Mars

The Cardinal Cross has shaken you up and without something to do or be active you are ready to combust.  Enjoy the Merry month of May by recognizing the involuntary muscles of the earth bringing forth beauty.  By the 19th you will see the future you want more clearly and prepare your budget.

The excitement and drama is upon us.  What we have felt mounting since 2006 is bursting forth.  Social injustice, have you noticed millionaire is middle class?  It is the time when the world will have to make a stand around either financially drawing a line or allowing the turbulent chaos to take over.  Overpopulation is a politically incorrect element to try and remedy, but Mother Nature will, if we do not.

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Aries ruled by Mars

You are are the triple A this month.  Helping others get towed is not what you are best at, but with your ruler in the sign of diplomacy, justice cutting away the dead wood is not the challenge you would like.  You could burn your house down and start over.  Do not get caught.

Taurus ruled by Venus 

Your time is coming, just a few short weeks, and you can go off to stir up the masses.  You are still playing high speed chases in the mud.  If you need speed, try it on water.  Being reasonable is not your favorite thing, and can be over rated.  It is better to strike when iron is hot.  The goddess of love is encouraging you to invent things.  Any innovative puzzles you have dreamt about?

Taurus ruled by Venus

The nurturing suits you, having to come up with new ideas does not.  Status quo is your motto.  But money which is your itch is requiring a whole new set of inventor objects to stay in the game.  Venus likes Pisces, so you can be dreamy and unconditional in your idealism.  Games that require numerous players could be fun and profitable, this includes sussing out your co worker at the real estate office.

Gemini ruled by Mercury