September Horoscope

September 1, 2015

Trial and error.  Time and space.  Age and beauty.  The right and left sides of the brain are in a continuum of trying to integrate or resolve these apparent opposites. Pallas Athena  was created out of the brain of Zeus, her father.  She is the goddess of wisdom, she strives for impartiality.  Athene's theory of Everything on YouTube observes these complexities, it shows through science, we can enhance our capabilities of self awareness.

Please read your rising sign/ascendant, if you know it.

Aries ruled by Mars

Self discovery is emphasized through your ruler and his proximity to the beauty principle of Venus.  Contemplation is not your usual mode of expression, but take advantage of this time to resonate with the unseen.  You may be able to offer service to those who enjoy and appreciate your passion.  You are rarely without spontaneity.

Taurus ruled by Venus

Look to children to perpetuate the groundedness you seek.   The chaos they create is actually a sense of purpose to help you provide security.  You like security.  The Moon, our emotions, is exalted in your sign.  You give form and comfort to the irrational in our unconscious.  We all want to feel needed.  Accept your talents.

Gemini ruled by Mercury

Confidence is the word/mantra for you this month.  As a feeling it is a quality that propels us to believe and enhance our lives.  It is, of course, a delicate balance.  Focus on your home.  It is where your next direction will be seen.  You can work and give service, and not leave the nest.  Find diversion of relaxation in short trips.  Any exercise will let your brain settle.

Cancer ruled by the Moon

Individuation is a key word for you.  As the prime example of the principle of water, it is hard for you to separate.  The mirror and seeing yourself in others can be helpful.  Engage with your neighbors and siblings.  Trust your psychic abilities and observe when you are confined by delusion.  The possibility of making money through children and child like activity is strong.

Leo ruled by the Sun

You are the star of the show, but the devil is in the details.  Give the bright colors you enjoy harmony in complimentary contrasts.  Pallas Athena, the aforementioned Goddess is favoring you in her insights.  As a recently (March 1802 by Olbers in Germany) discovered asteroid, the collective is just discovering the myriad ways of integrating her strengths.  You can lead the way.

Virgo ruled by Mercury

Love is behind a veil. It will emerge shortly.  Your ruler has trouble with structure, but you will find there is luck in the offing.  You experiment with details and then make decisions based on your synthesis. The year ahead is filled with optimism.  Remember to stay with it.  Inspiration is available. You must seize the ring.  Do not let it escape.

Libra ruled by Venus

Let the joy you feel from the relationships in your life be in the forefront.  If you create a strong belief in the beginning of the month it will sustain you thru any conflicts into the autumn.  It is a conundrum in life that our connections to others are often about conflict to achieve harmony.  The sign of equilibrium or balance would prefer that moderation and order were more the norm.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

Saturn is finally leaving your sign after a two year visit.  Even though your sign relishes pain and torture as a means to enlightenment, you will welcome the chance to move on.  The death and rebirth routine does grow tiresome.  You are rebuilding structure and the longevity of your legacy is strong.  Remember to relearn how to play.

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter

The jollyness of your ruler needs to be put in over drive.  Only seek out the lighthearted.  Any education inspiring environments are the place you want to be.  The travel may only be in your  mind.  Do you remember the old idea of pen pals?  People you never meet but write to.  This could be revitalized now to include YouTube and friends for fun.  Not Match or Facebook.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

Your wit is dry.  You see irony more than silliness.  Do you know the feeling of laughing at absurdities?  Can a feather tickle your pinky?  Play is your struggle.  Life and death are the human condition.  But we also have "Keeping up Appearances".  Make sure any electronics or appliances have psychedelic colors.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus

You must persevere with the qualities of family.  Neighbors are important too.  Take the initiative and find a venue to integrate the groups that support you.  Let others be center stage, and you build it for them.  Take care of the details of loans and contemplate how you would like others to see you.

Pisces ruled by Neptune

You will put up your dukes to diffuse the attempt at logic and reason that are in the spotlight.  Only you know that inspiration comes before cohesiveness.  Monte Python and Shakespeare's The Tempest are your voice.  Muted light and twilight are where you see best.  The pixies, gnomes and faeries around you, are real.

As Above

So Below

Be Well