October Horoscope

In the ancient calendar it is the eighth month.  The year started with the spring and the month of March.  The earth cycles are the basis for most format and structure.  The idea of cause and effect are the very fabric of our thinking, as much as we would like to believe we can be totally objective.  It is good to strive for the ability to contain opposites.  Hope is the gift we all need to believe in.  Libra, as the sign of balance and the theme for the month, continues to reconcile and weigh our logic, emotion and common sense.

If you know your rising sign/ascendant, please read as well.

Aries ruled by Mars

The God of war gets us going.  How often do you need gentleness to get motivated?  Usually we get a push out the door.  There may be a bit too much analyzing of your motives.  Use your sense of humor or urge to splurge.  You must pacify Venus and the nature of harmony. Money is there to help give purpose to work and play.

Taurus ruled by Venus 

The drama of attraction is settling down to details.  Are you wanting a rest?  Realize that details may be in your immediate future.  Make sure you have the right healthy comfort food in the fridge.  Your perspective is enhanced by ruminating on the simplistic.  Basic learning can be revisited.

Gemini ruled by Mercury

It is the very best time to be around children.  What you see as risk, they only see as fun.  Remove the accumulative issues of conflicting decision making.  Instinct is chemistry.  Use your detector to grab the silliness and spontaneous laughter.  Your philosophical partner is there to set you straight on the patterns of negativity.

Cancer ruled by the Moon

There are many different types of mothering.  You may be seeking a security that can only be found in the foundation of a business.  Constructing a monument may be in your future.  It may not be made of brick and mortar.  The age of Aquarius is about innovative ideas.  As a species we still need nurturing, it is just sometimes confusing in the language that constantly evolves to understand how to give solace.

Leo ruled by the Sun

Your communicative skills are being enhanced and it is fun to watch. Self observation is a great gift of the human condition.  Magic is special as it involves misdirection.  Emotions do not respond well to a ball from left field.  Take the word contagion, it implies being given something unpleasant.  It  comes from to be in contact, which is an objective idea.  See contagious as infectious joy.

Virgo ruled by Mercury 

The reason you disassociate is often because juggling too many swords at once is not a forte of the earth signs.   The mind is facile.  The body cannot always keep up.  It is dense.  Hibernate, regenerate, you will discover a new sense of purpose.   Find a place to sing, like meditating it focuses the  kaleidoscope of all the moving parts.  No one has to hear you.

Libra ruled by Venus

Beginning the second week of the month your talent of balancing home, family and whatever sense of being with yourself, will blossom.  You will direct all the myriad of folks in your environment in a useful way.  Exerting control so that they don't feel it will be your gift.  Remember Bonanza, the western about family?  The charming father who knew how to stay home and give a sense of continuity, that would be you.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

Is synchronicity, the word Carl Jung made popular, really coincidental magic?  As the psychic detective, you might occasionally ponder these thoughts.  You could make money elaborating the indefinite and the mysterious.  Transparency is another word for a thin veil that shields the obvious.  A very popular, fashionable word at the moment.

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter 

Your ruler is not fond of boundaries.  You might be feeling constricted in ways that make it hard to breath.  Philosophy likes questions that confound and enlighten.  You are good at thinking them up.  The answers are the boundaries that seem meaningless.  The minutiae that is torturing you will find an ebb and flow you can handle.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn 

Like Sagittarius you are struggling with forces that are not in your nature, but in reverse.  Big ideas are fine if they can be implemented in a concrete contained way.  Concepts are only that until they are given a tangible reality to you.  Next month you can define what you will want for the immediate future.  For now, enjoy the show and tell.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus 

Even for you, the amount of activity is a bit strenuous at the moment.  You are a pillar of innovation and steadfastness.  The amount of info coming at you is entertaining but making you restless.  Reach out and communicate,  in ways you are not used to.  You will receive back responses that make you smile and make you realize how much you are needed.

Pisces ruled by Neptune 

You cannot be analyzed, but so many are trying to do that to you at the moment.  When making decisions is difficult, the tendency is to dig in and set up impossible walls.  As a mutable sign, you must be true to your nature.  Go with the flow, was an expression that was coined by you.  Rely on the intangible and ephemeral.  Know if you cry, laughter will be right behind it.

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