November 2015 Horoscopes

Why is orange the color of Halloween?  A combination of red and yellow.  Red for blood and yellow for the Sun.  We need extra energy this time of year.  It is the season of goodbyes.  We channel jellies, jams, preserves, for the winter ahead.  We reestablish our nest for the hibernation.  This is true even for southern climates.  Along the equator where mankind gathered, in his progress to domination, the zodiac was the most alive n the sky.  The sign of Scorpio was and is about death/rebirth.

Please read your ascendant/rising sign if you know it.

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Aries ruled by Mars

You may not focus with the same rhythm as Scorpio but your planet Mars truly needs precision in any and all movement.  If you have a superior, stick close to him or her.  The person in charge is seeing your ideas as useful.  Do not dominate your equals or partners.  It will lead to messes you will need to clean up for awhile.  As your bank is demanding your attention, do not overspend.  Allow those in service to help you and you will heal the parts that are hurting.

Taurus ruled by Venus

The devil in the details the first week of this month.  If you are handling your chores in a methodical way, you will get back tenfold.  After that your ruler is demanding service.  You might want to alter habits.  Program your daily routine with your perception of an orderly beauty.  Do not take literally the way people express themselves.  Realize most of us, are complex communicators and often project our own unresolved complexities onto others.  You may hear a criticism that is only the other persons perception of their own foible.

Gemini ruled by Mercury 

Prediction is a confluence of refining life experience.  How different is the tyrant of today from the ones in human history?  Gathering facts, a Gemini trait,  can enhance the ability to take companies forward and at times, predict the stock market or the weather.  The issue always is refining the emotional interpretation.  You will have plenty of opportunity to gather your tidbits of trivia and pass them along to a service provider for synthesizing.  

Cancer ruled by the Moon

You have an ally this month who takes the dirty work out of your hands.  It will be rehashed and given to you as pablum.   Rather like vultures feeding their young.  As the matriarch, it is nice to have the front work done for you.  The beauty parlor will not be your form of relaxation for the next month.  You have people around you that demand more of the fluff and polish.  Be content to be a steel magnolia and listen.

Leo ruled by the Sun

In the ancient calendar, August was the fifth month.  In fend shui the number five is about fun, movement, taking risks.  These may be some of your natural gifts.  All this to say, your career is the highlighted portion of your chart this month.  You will be encouraged to try new innovative things.  Your boss will be appreciative and encouraging.  He is still the boss and there may be moments of constraint that deflects your buoyancy.  Do surround yourself with those that are better at details than you.

Virgo ruled by Mercury 

See large groups of people who inspire you.  Spending time or money on charity involvements bring back intangible benefits.  Go see a photography show with your best friend.  Contemplate analysis vs faith.  Jupiter is in your sign for the year, this brings luck and excess.  Even the king of the gods got hangovers.  Dionysius was his son.  The effort to edit and consolidate is your gift.  You need to acquire melody, mishap, and misty vistas.

Libra ruled by Venus

You get a break from the intensity around you, mid month.  Do not let others write for you.  Communicating is one of your great strengths and you neglect it often.  The telephone, Internet and coffee shops can be of help, if you let them.  The universe needs people who can see the forest for the trees and project beauty with the transparency.  The demons in your home are there as guidance.  Laugh at the way they torture you.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto 

You rarely like the light shining on you.  Shadows and reflections are your gifts.  There is much going on behind the scenes as you set up for the next few years.  Patience is something you have in spades.  Any help that is offered can be taken with confidence, you are who folks come to to get it done.  Have you watched Scandal?  Kerry Washington is the ringmaster of that Scorpio town, Washington, D.C.  It is not, however the ultimate power.  Hades, your domaine, is.

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter 

Giving structure to philosophy is an endless pursuit.  It may not be your favorite way to dream but it can truly further your enormous wisdom.  Right now, is a time to make money on the concepts.  Acting is more on the front burner than contemplating.  You need to stay out in the front lines.  Thinking on your feet is advantageous and, once you get the habit, can be fun.  Nothing is moving slowly.  Walking, skipping, roller skating, are the order of the day.  If you can ride a horse, mount up!

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

Bringing wealth up out of the ground is surrounding you.  If you are in the fashion of environmental protection, come up with new ideas to make it profitable.  It may take a bit more work.  Be content to know some things get better with age.  Instant communication may not be your thing, but remembering is.  Enjoy the flavors a smell reminds you of.  You know how to stretch to make the body and mind limber.  Are you one of those who prefers when it rains?

Aquarius ruled by Uranus

It is hard work to continuously fan the flame.  Those in charge seem to be endlessly demanding.  You do have other people's money to work with.  That grant you need to write is going to be a success.  Find ways to take the old and make it new.  In fashion the '70's are back.  Take a course in public speaking.  The collective unconscious is waiting to hear your spin.  Let music and the emotionally sustaining use of your vocal chords give you euphoria.  Not in public if you are shy...

Pisces ruled by Neptune 

Others are shining.  You may not mind, as propping them up does make you feel useful.  Which entity inspires you?  Wonder Woman or Batman?  Who dies to be reborn?  Is it you?  There is a theory, Dionysis, was a precursor to the story of Christ.  Dionysis, died to be reborn.  Myths, fairytales, epic poems, create gladiators and damsels in distress.  To psychology it may be magical thinking, but to the plebeian masses, these tales soothe when the body is tired and and the bills are due.