May Horoscope

Flowers are the simple joy of life.  Color gives our minds space to feel and not analyze.  Contemplate shapes, observe animals and small children.  We can go from being still to movement and not be out of sync.  The refrain is chemistry and rhythm as the scale of connecting.  If something displeases, see it as one of the five senses just not responding.  The hard part of life is being isolated.  Talk to any you meet and greet.  The earth is giving us new beginnings and we must seize the moment.

If you know your ascendant rising sign, please read as well

Aries ruled by Mars

You are the motivator and not everyone is wanting to change and revitalize.  If you come up against those who seem content to stay in their playground, you will probably have to start the engine alone.  Seek out children to get the inspiration you need.  Their energy is matching yours and will respond to your enthusiasm.

Taurus ruled by Venus

After May 7 your ruler is craving nurturing.  Find comfort and give the benefits of your five senses to others.  Good time to have new and old friends over.  Use your communication skills.  You may not speak with abandon as a rule, but trust the throat and its power to heal.  In the beginning there was the word, is a saying to take literally.  "Sing out, Louise" from gypsy Rose lee.

Gemini ruled by Mercury 

You shall be ever so busy the next two months.  Your natural talent of doing many things at once is tested.  Of course, much of this is about the written word, so keep pad and paper handy. Know the feeling of heavy handed authority figures will lessen in mid June.  With the wings on your feet, it is not easy to stay still.  Think of movement with focus.

Cancer ruled by the Moon

For most of May you are encouraged to find groups to partake in.   Study something that inspires you.  Neptune is the planet of desire and he is in your ninth house of learning.  The blend of passion and compassion is limitless.  Make lists of your gifts, and what you are grateful for.  Keep by your bed and reflect.

Leo ruled by the Sun

You probably take beauty over comfort.  Admiration over solace.  We all have these qualities and their foibles.  As the King/child you wrestle with equality.  The child cannot absorb and grow without focus of intent.  The masks of theater are one of your symbols and the face of tragedy is needed as a reminder, but we enjoy comedy more.

Virgo ruled by Mercury 

Watch for career opportunities.  Ideas are coming like a whirlwind.  Let the swirl of chaos embrace you and not try to make sense of it.  The opposite of logic is irrational.  We all think we have control over this.  We set up rules, format, structure and then it mutates and throws off balance.  Remember to honor your own eclectic rhythm.

Libra ruled by Venus

Do you like chameleons?  Rainbows and shape shifters are surrounding you.  There will be a nurturing element that follows all the flashing lights.  Security is coming to find you.  You will also provide it.  Be prepared for a change of a psychological perspective.  Air signs must communicate.  Isolation is not an option.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

Have you learned yet that there is a rebirth after the depths of despair?  You are the master of digging, without challenge there is no spice to life.  Fear is a monster that surrounds us. You created the muzzle that is strong to temper it.  If nothing else your gift of perseverance has been a blessing.  Sometimes it may feel like a Rebel without a Clue.

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter

Your predecessor Saturn is snuffing out your brilliant ideas.  He can be mollified.  Provide a service he cannot refuse. Even the military (Saturn) has parades (Jupiter).  Your imagination and loquacious abilities are enhanced for the next bit of time.  The adage KISS needs to be in effect.  Most of us cannot keep up with your wisdom.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

Your sense of humor is of the very dry variety.  Wait three beats for others to laugh, or smile.  With Pluto, the ultimate annihilator befriending you, there is no shortage of examples of doom.  Read the comic book heroes, or go to the movies.  The archetype of hero and villain will bring release from your internal combustion.  This month, children and the simplicity of their being, brings you joy.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus 

Keep the frantic pace of life to a minimum this month.  Groups of people can be difficult to negotiate.  Your Homefront needs attention, and think of comfort instead of innovation.  Freedom, as Janis said, is just another word for nothing left to lose.  Contemplate the fight for it.  We fluctuate between the material and ephemeral.  Our internal monologue is usually littered with contradictions.  Let go of the rebel.

Pisces ruled by Neptune

Your domaine is the understanding of impermanence.  More than most, you grasp the concept that everything changes.  Sing in the shower or entertain at the pool.  Water is the easiest way for you to communicate.  Floating is the most gentle way of being.  You may be asked to be in charge.  Take the position.  You are capable of leadership.  

As Above 

So Below

Be well