June Horoscope 2015

Language is the theme of the Sun In Gemini.  Have you noticed how every interest and action has a different one?  An accountant, an actor and an aviator all have unique ways to express their purpose.  If you like to analyze, each word has a way it can be expressed with variables.  How often does our mood color our words?  Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, likes to ask a lot of questions and gather information.  Perhaps the reason why people talk less and text more is having to do with keeping the languages of others to a minimum?

Please read your ascendant/rising sign, if you know it.

Aries ruled by Mars

For most of the month, your need will be to try and stay still.  Action is everywhere, and sometimes it can be chaotic.  Remember the word BE is as necessary as the word DO.  The exotic contemplative nature of focus is to stay on track.  Imagination feels good, but can spin out of orbit.  You can observe by being around children.

Taurus ruled by Venus

Security is as elusive as freedom.  You probably feel like the only grounded guy in the room.  You are being nourished by the trust and faith you inspire in others.  Do you see that in yourself?  The warranty and guarantee are limited.  Know that you give others the space to have it for a brief period of time.  Of course, this is to remind you to give some to yourself.

Gemini ruled by Mercury

Is it hard to have a goal when the mind can conceive of so many?  The opposite sign to Gemini is Sagittarius.  You have many teachers who help you to contemplate your ego.  How do you dissipate the energies of the folks who keep you off kilter?  Are they just a mirror to what you need to change?  By June 11, you can take a much needed rest.

Cancer ruled by the Moon

Performance art surrounds you.  Water has an unusual perspective on symmetry and balance.  Emotions rule us all but for water signs it is a monkey on their back.  More babies born at full moon.  More blood flows too.  Structure is being dictated by your relationships.  Find the energy to reconstitute your career.

Leo ruled by the Sun

Do you want to involve and entertain others?  Never forget you are the one to rule.  At the very least, you must be noticed.   Teach yourself to teach.  Humans need a new perspective and the interaction or they would not have incarnated.  Don't you love Rosalind Russell?  "Life is a Banquet, and most people are starving".  Surround yourself with the un skeptical and un tainted.

Virgo ruled by Mercury

Keep reminding yourself to be grateful  and trusting.  The total ephemeral chaos at the moment, can have you believe you are in a spiral of no return.  What is supposed to be solid is floating.  Try finding water to immerse in.  Laziness is an illusion that only means an inability to move for fear of imperfection.  Your greatest strength and weakness is trying to achieve perfection.  If Gemini rules the brain in the head, you rule the one in the stomach.

Libra ruled by Venus


How to be unattached when yours is the sign of relationships?  Other ways of detachment, such as, let time move at its own pace.  Let your goal and or passion be, not how and not when.  The universe is offering you support by putting siblings and neighbors in your court.  Let them be your advocates.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

This month is offering an olive branch of emotional support.  As your sign does not mingle easily with friends, let them gently nudge you towards more lightheartedness.  It is tiring to be the passionate one to expose human foibles.  Digging down into the psyche is a part of your nature that is ongoing, give it a rest and plant the flowers in that hole.

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter.

Thank goodness your ruler is in a fun place.  With Saturn in your sign, there is much soul searching going on.  Is age becoming an enemy?  What causes the nature of fear?  These philosophical questions are in the front trenches.  Remember the silly stuff,  like Mr Ed, the talking horse.  Try ironing your socks.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

We are in the cycle of Nature/Nurture of the earths motion.  You can be intimidated by this.  Stoic structure is your domaine.  Allow your irrational side to be included in the party.  How often does your dog catch the squirrel?  But, doesn't  it make you smile every time?  You may be asked to co sign a loan.  If you can, wait until the end of the month.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus

Does every financial crisis set off a bomb?  Or is it sometimes just a puddle to wade through?  These are thoughts we consume ourselves with as our self worth is being tested.  Yours is the world of ideas, the lightbulb, the AHA moment.  Have you met any aliens?  You need to take the time to describe your emotions.  Be with the ones you care about and take a rest from saving the world.

Pisces ruled by Neptune

The symbol of the two fishes swimming away from each other is your ability to handle diversity and retrograde planets.  You know how to stay attached through confusion.  Stick close to home this month.  You may be pulled to go out, but there will be much to take of care in your castle.  Can you build a mote?  With Neptune is your sign for several years, you have the insight and inspiration to keep yourself and others on track.

As Above so Below

Be Well