July 2015 Horoscope

The full moon and the 4th of July, makes for a busy start to the month.  The USA birthday is all about, how many ways to Mother.  We try to take care of the planet, or is it control?  We are struggling like most other countries, the perception is we are the strongest.  The ruling planet of the sign Cancer is the Moon.  Our unconscious is most definitely not controllable.  We can nudge, cajole and snipe away at the emotions that irk us.  Eventually they will move on, like the bad breath monster.  On good days we remember that every thing changes and feel ok about it.  On bad days, it can seem as if we are embroiled in quicksand and there is no way out.  Remember truth is elastic.  What is transparent to some is murky to others.

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Aries ruled by Mars

In one way you are the motivator this month, in another you are controlled by the irrational.  When seeking justification we can always find the right perspective to condone our actions.  In general neither emotions nor logic are your priorities.  You seek movement and diversion.  Let us not contemplate but energize.  Take advice from the feminine.

Taurus ruled by Venus

You should be able to find the comfort you seek.  We are reminded this month of the philosophy of freedom.  Maybe the constitution should read, pursuit of FREEDOM?  Happiness is a Taurean word.  The love of uncomplicated thinking.  But freedom is to be liberated and you are being given this opportunity.

Gemini ruled by Mercury

Short journeys are fun.  Keep the ball rolling.  Connect to family and neighbors and those in immediate surroundings.  Any worries about money can be shifted if you choose to see it.  Your silver tongue is unrestricted and frank, without offense.  Intentions are usually felt by others as motives.  What is actually said is a shading on the perspective in the picture.

Cancer ruled by the Moon

Tangible is an important word to you.  Water has density.  It is heavy and defies gravity.  Abstract concepts are good for germinating, but they need grounding.  The help you need is in higher learning and readily available. Observe your desires and let them sit.  In a week’s time, the creativeness you seek will replace longing.

Leo ruled by the Sun

Did you ever think you could get too much attention?  Blessings are bountiful and you connect with them.  Bless and blood are the same word root.  The royal blood, a concept to encourage love, peace, faith and trust.  The Sun symbolizes consciousness and you are being given a gift of awareness.  The heart is your emblem, you can expand its attributes to all around you.

Virgo ruled by Mercury

Relationships of the individual kind contain inspiration and protection.  It may be that being in groups will provide the catalyst to single out a particular person.  The elusive need for freedom is highlighted in collective environments.  Abstraction is easy for you.  Flexible is a given.  Like salt water taffy, you can stretch.  It may take determination to actually hook up with someone.  The satisfaction will be glorious.

Libra ruled by Venus

The focus on your home and security are primary.  There is a force guiding you to recognize the limitations of ethereal being ness.  The fashion of the moment is the intangible of everything.  To touch is imperative to living In the body.  Repetitive hobbies, from gardening to ironing give us a useful way to calm the mind and emotions.  You are appreciated, if you choose to see it.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

To be of service, you can be innovative and sporadic.  You do consistency well, so branch out and take a spin.  Take a peek at big ideas, there is beauty in ephemeral.  In your career, you are more spotlighted than you are comfortable with.  For the next bit of time, get used to it.  Whatever limitations that are frustrating will be served with care in performing service.  Meals on wheels?

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter 

Do you contemplate why you like sex?  The sign of the philosopher, must be able to explain the variety of expressions.  The rainbow on Facebook of recent political events is a myriad of flavors that cause joy to some and confusion to others.  Most of us project our need for perfection.  The act of sex is sublime in its release of this.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

The boundaries you have set up may be forced to create new limits.  Reflections on death are welcomed as long as the morose is discarded.  So, think rebirth and new beginnings.  You understand the dangers of robotic thinking.  As an earth sign, what is grounded in human contact you encourage.  You may have to move faster than is your natural rhythm, it will be worth it.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus.

The U.S. Has many of the attributes of your sign.  Equality, freedom, and Liberty are the guidelines of this country.  We do have problems on agreeing on the managing of them. Your contradiction lies in being fixed and air.  Stagnant air is combustible.  Hence the need to stir things up.  The money you make now will provide for those you discern as needing the most.

Pisces ruled by Neptune

The God of the sea is happy now.  You can relax with the idea that your illusions will become inspirations.  Your opposite need to be logical can take a rest.  Silly ness is highlighted.  Encourage the irascible fairy of unprovoked humor.  Charm is one of your greatest strengths.

Your ability to protect those near and dear, you can count on.

As Above

So Below

Be well