August Horoscope

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August 2015

Full moon and Venus retrograde.  Packs a punch.  The sun king was admired 500 years ago.  The heavens move on.  We still love the shine but a bit of modesty and equanimity are blending with the glitz.  But do things really change?  Billionaires and rappers are the kings now...The thrill of gambling is part of our makeup.   Unconditional  love is still sought after.  It can be observed with the struggle between dog lovers and baby lovers.  Mid month, when Mars moves into Leo, the games begin and we can flirt with chaos.

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Aries ruled by Mars

You have been constrained too long by emotional ties.  Time to start moving and getting into the fray with the initiative you were born with.  Dance with the fire and walk the hot coals.  You are the best at thinking on your feet.  Making money may not be your thing, but it will come if you find the right service to offer.

Taurus ruled by Venus

Your ruler is moving into a grounded place you understand.  Take the time now to prepare for this.  The next two months take every opportunity offered.  Any idea that comes to you, act upon it.  The new moon on the 14th will provide observable growth surrounding your offspring.  If not your own children, spend time with any you can find.

Gemini ruled by Mercury

You can learn a lot in the next few weeks.  Wisdom often comes in ways that does not relate to book learning.  If you have difficulty standing still, remember the involuntary muscles keep moving too.  It is ok to be agitated.  Singing is an activity that helps focus.  Try writing a song.  Improvisation is your forte.

Cancer ruled by the Moon

The limelight has moved on.  Enjoy watching the ones who have it now.  It is a tricky thing to nurture.  Often those on the receiving end perceive it as controlling.  As a water sign, containment is very hard.  Water wants to go everywhere.  Your goal is to hold the emotional and wait til others ask for your perceptive counsel.

Leo ruled by the Sun

Your heart is forever open to giving.  Royal blood was so named because it flowed through the ruby center of our being.  Intuitive inspiration is your gift this month.  Those around you will accept it and give the love back.  Keep your sense of humor as the way they do it is stilted.  Laugh at the absurdity of silly questions.

Virgo ruled by Mercury

The star Regulus moved into Virgo in November of 2011.  For two thousand years it shone brightly in the sign of Leo.  Does this mean the word "ruler" is changing?  Is the collective more adept at governing than an individual?  Fashion dictates this to be true.  The historical Virgin, kept herself out of the fray because of disillusionment.  She must realize how much she is needed.

Libra ruled by Venus

You have the energy to manifest your desires.  Though battle weary, you will find less resistance  for the time it takes to heal.  As one who loves equilibrium, it will be possible to trust that fate is amenable to free will.  Each relationship is precious and works in the time it has, to be the focus of our attention.  Remember to love those who are no longer present.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

The final pass of the structure maker and authority figure in your sign.  Have you reestablished a new format for what you want?  Anyone who is around in an advisory capacity can help you discern what comes next.  Try to not kill the messenger.  Your career is highlighted to reinvent again.  Mystery is your usual take on living, but clarity can be good too.

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter 

Fire is in abundance, and the stimulation is making you feel splendid.  Physical movement will help your passionate essence of the soul and spirit.  You are the person who knows the difference between intelligence and wisdom.  Both, of course, are needed.  The discipline in intelligence provides structure.  Wisdom is more like the dream world of knowing.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

There is solitude in your life that you go in and out of appreciating.  Be prepared for illusive mysteries in August that drive your direction in most areas.  At work, other people's money will dominate.  Relationships are muddled with affairs of others slightly misdirected.  You are the rock, so you will be the one others count on.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus

As a rebel without a clue, you take up the banner of justice for most anybody.  At the moment folks from every area of your life are in line for your services.  You can say NO.  Just do it gently.  What would make you happy today?  One objective in astrology is to realize the opposite to you, which is Leo.  So, find the time to be a child that diverts rather than fixes.

Pisces ruled by Neptune

All the fire is making you boil.  Remember you can tip over and put it out.  Have you come up with a superlative idea to make money?  Could the focus be on service to the very young?  Venus is hoping you will take her up on romance.  Travel that is out of the ordinary to you is possible.

As above so below

Be Well

Mary Michele