Tart Grappling

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Dear friend of tarts,

It pains me that so many of you who wanted a fine slow-roasted cherry-tomato tart last Saturday didn’t get one. Last Saturday was all rather a blur on the tomato front. At moments in fact, last Saturday was not unlike a white sale at Bloomingdale’s. I most certainly should have made more tarts; and this week I promise I shall. There will be no danger of teeth gnashing, feet stamping or tears at my table.
Tarts on the table this week:
the sweeties:
1)peaches poached in Riesling and mint
2)strawberry tartlets with a drop of bergamot oil in the strawberry jam underneath
3)blueberries with fresh lemon zest
4)apricots poached in saffron syrup
(the Italian plum season is not far off, by the way.)
the savory:
1)The Mercandetti Tribute Tart:  cherry tomatoes slow-roasted with fresh herbs on a bed of coarse-grained mustard, toasted crushed cashews and garnished with lemon-thyme. 
For the facts-and-figures tart aficionados, the tomatoes are roasted overnight for about nine hours. 
I wish here to praise many of you for thinking ahead and ordering tarts for your various events and fêtes this summer. It’s been a bit of an uphill push but I believe you’ve begun to get it and there’s much less unhappiness.
I’ve so enjoyed seeing you all this season. Do always stop by and say hello; even if you’ve paid good money for some dreadful pie or donuts elsewhere.