The Return of the Apple Tart

Dear friend of tarts,


It feels as if — willy-nilly — we find ourselves enjoying rather autumnal weather.  One of the beauty parts of this is that it means apples!

It’s been several months since you’ve seen apple tarts on my table. And last season I discovered a new-ish variety of the species called Blondie, an apple that’s just as good eaten out of hand as it is in a tart. From the very beginning of The Art of the Tart I’ve been largely intractable about using Golden Delicious for tart purposes. A good balance of sweet and tart is important to me in an apple. I also demand crispness and an ability to hold body (no disintegrating with a little heat). But now that the Blondie has appeared, I waver. See what you think.

Also, the big, egg-shaped European plums have finally arrived and substantial roasted plum tarts will now grace the tart table. The diminutive, ninety-eight-pound-weakling plums are gone.

I’m continuing to grab every scrap of happiness (pace Noel Coward) on the tomato tart front; but be warned. This joy can’t go on forever. The season is on the wane.



Tarts on the table this week:


the sweeties:

1)  apples soaked in lemon juice and zest

2)  roasted plums and hazelnuts, finished with buckwheat honey and plum brandy

3)  peaches poached in brandy on a bed of crushed Amaretti snaps

4)  raspberry tartlets 


the savory: 

1)   the Mercandetti Tribute Tart — cherry tomatoes slow-roasted with fresh herbs on a bed of coarse-grained mustard, toasted crushed cashews and garnished with lemon-thyme

It’s prudent to order large tarts ahead of time for pick-up at my table on Saturday. Avoid aggravation. 

The large tarts are 14” x 10” and serve about eight. They’re $35.

The medium tarts are 10” x 6” and serve about three. They’re $20

The tartlets are 3” x 3” and serve one. They’re $6.


Do stop at the table and say hello. I’m beginning to realize we won’t have much longer together. (Specifically, October 31st; but I’m a bit sentimental.)