Dear friend of tarts,

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This weekend is the first batch of purple plums over the threshold of Tart Central.  I may  be able to lay my hands on golden Mirabelles for the Mirabelle aficionados amongst you. The cherry tomatoes are going strong. Last Saturday I believe everyone who wanted a Mercandetti Tribute Tart got one. I’ll make the same again this Saturday. 

Tarts on the table this week:


the sweeties:

1) purple plums poached in sweet Marsala

2) apricots poached in saffron syrup

3) blueberries with fresh lemon zest

4) peaches poached in Riesling and mint

5) raspberry tartlets


the savory:

1) The Mercandetti Tribute Tart — cherry tomatoes slow-roasted with fresh herbs on a bed of coarse-grained mustard, toasted crushed cashews and garnished with lemon-thyme. 

Amidst the large quantities of fruit and veg flowing in and out of Tart Central at this time of year, we’ve suddenly been beset by a dishwasher that pees on the floor and a frost-free refrigerator that freely frosts to the point of freeing it of frosts is a manual feat remembered by those born before the frost-free era as a long, wet drip.   I don’t do well with these sorts of breakdowns. I grow panicky when something interferes with the weekly tart schedule. (It goes without saying that the grandaddy of all appliance failure anxieties is the oven.) 

On the fridge front naturally I turn to my husband, Robert Webber, whose actual professional specialty is cryogenics. You might think that if you lived in the same house as the King of Cool the one thing you wouldn’t have to worry about is refrigeration. But like the shoemaker’s children and their bare feet, it turns out that close proximity to someone who knows a lot about absolute zero is no big whoop and doesn’t actually translate very usefully. 

The dishwasher is over 25 years old, but we cling to it because they don’t make full-sized portable dishwashers anymore. (Why is that?) In fact, I can’t tell you how many people have walked into our kitchen and enquired about what that thing in the middle of the room is. To my ear that sounds like a query about what a cassette player is.

The refrigerator has been defrosted again for the moment and appears to be behaving itself rather than producing something Roald Amundsen might have knocked off his boots on the way in. The dishwasher is still peeing but Robert Webber has promised to have a look at it this weekend. Will he wrap it in diapers, plug the leak or give it last rights at the town dump?  Stay tuned for the unfolding of this mini-series.  

Order tarts now for Saturday. One less thing to worry about. 

Do stop by the table and say hello.