Art of the Tart

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The Art of the Tart
rustic tarts in the French style
Kate J. Weiner・ClintonCorners, NY 

Dear friend of tarts,

We’ve arrived at our final fixture of the season. I’ve just checked and — mirabile dictu — the weather will accommodate us on Saturday with sun and temperatures in the 50s. What more can we ask?
We must also, at our final meeting, bid farewell to Jerry Kindig who has been — by leagues — the most perfect tart minion who ever crossed anyone’s path. I’ve already begun to beseech Kindig about next season. But my God, how can we expect him to put his life of an artist on hold just to sling tarts for Kate Weiner in the summer? Right?
I’ve enjoyed you all such a great deal this season. You’ve been wonderfully stalwart tart friends; and how much I’ve appreciated it.
Rest assured that I’ll be in touch about Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve ordering.
Tarts on the table this week:

the sweeties:

1) blueberries with fresh lemon zest

2) apples soaked in lemon juice and zest on a bed of quince jam and glazed with quince jelly

3) roasted purple plums and hazelnuts finished with buckwheat honey and plum brandy

the savory:

1) pissaladières:   onions caramelized with rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, and garnished with niçoise olives, fresh basil and anchovies (or not). When you’re ordering please specify if you’re an anchovy lover or not. 

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may: order large tarts for your Hallowe’en party now.