“Health Nut Hut’ opens in Amenia Another Monte Production

Celebrities rubbed elbows with crunchies at the opening of a new health food store on Mechanic Street in Amenia.

At the ‘soft’ opening friends and fans were served wheat grass juice, spanokopita, local cheeses and watermelon and fruit concoctions.

Ann Marie Pallan gave us a tour of the store showing us “Wholey Oats” granola bars , a business out of Wingdale, locally-produced honey by Alekie Apiaries in Sherman, coconut milk ice cream by a Hudson Valley confectioner, organic meats from Dashing Star farms and Meili’s.  

The list of businesses from the region went on with sheep milk yogurt from Chatham, local kimchee, salsas from Hyde Park, Mama’s Cheese breads and Hudson Valley skin care.  And the contractors,  a who renovated the store were from Amenia and Connecticut.

Marvin Scott, the award-winning reporter from WPIX Channel 11 was on hand as a friend, not as a reporter, and had the following to say:

“I am here because I am a friend of the family and I am supportive of what they are doing.  When the Montes do something there is one by-word: quality.  So if they are opening a health food store it is going to be first class.  We are all health conscious.  To have a store like this will be beneficial for the community.  I’ve been to Gurney’s in the Hamptons by the ocean which is like going to another world with the epitome of luxury.  If you see what they are doing every night here at Monte’s this has become a real gathering place.  This is becoming the nucleus of a new Hamptons in the Hudson Valley.  It’s a Hamptons without the ocean!”