The Millbrook Rotary helps restore the Monument

Steve Roy cleans the eagle on the monument 

August 14: At the rotary where Route 343 intersects with Old Route 82 a bronze eagle with outspread wings rests atop a stone column. No one is certain what the monument commemorates – perhaps World War I perhaps the American Revolution. 

Back in the day when the restaurant Charlotte’s was a theater, an actress with the extraordinary name of Atta Catania climbed the monument one evening and refused to come down until one of Millbrook’s more notable citizens came to rescue her. The citizen called the police who removed her from the premises. Subsequently the citizen’s wife bought the building that housed the theater and closed it down.

A few years ago when it became obvious the monument needed restoration, Millbrook Rotary raised enough money to have the monument cleaned and repaired. One of the Rotarians, Steve Roy, of Steve Roy Art Restoration, LLC, an expert in repairing metal works of art, he donates his services every two years to clean the monument and make any necessary repairs.