Trinity Choir of Wall Street

It was fitting that Canadian composer Tim Brady should have the premier of his Third Symphony in a new space in Williamsburg that itself premiered earlier this month.  National Sawdust opened with considerable publicity after a long period of gestation. We saw it for the first time Thursday with a performance curated by David T Little employing his own Newspeak ensemble of 11 musicians and the highly trained Choir of Trinity Wall Street with 16 singers. 

Brady’s symphony is based on “Symphony” a long poem by Chilean writer Elias Letelier that describes the terror of living under Pinochet.  It is an hour long piece, symphonic in concept, with the choir taking the role of a component of the orchestra.  I thought the piece sounded like a cross between Philip Glass and Nico Mulhy.  The choir sang tonalities while the instruments played dissonance.  Tonality clashed with atonality, reflecting political tensions, strife and tragedy. 

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