September 24, 2015-The Watershed Center celebrates its second year in Millerton with an arts festival and field day open to all. 

The weekend kicks in the shin with a film called “The Yes Men are Revolting” at 9:30 pm Friday for $10 a person.  The Yes Men pose as business leaders and parody websites  exploring corrupt corporate practices.  They also expose political institutions that would rather not be exposed by performance art. The Yes Men are Revolting, make no doubt about it.  

After the screening long time friend of the Watershed Mike Bonanno, who plays Igor Vamos of the Yes Men, will talk about the film.  

On Saturday morning from 10 am until noon Gregg Osofsky, Watershed’s Director of Operations will lead a hike up Mt. Riga and the South Taconic Trail to the newly completed South Taconic Trail Extension.  Osofsky will tell tall stories of the valley.  

September 24, 2015- When it became evident that the Millbrook Central School District was going to build a structure in violation of a 200 foot buffer zone that was designed to protect the Clements from buildings close to their property, they commenced a law suit to prevent the bleachers and attendant structures that were part of the ball field improvements and that were in the 200 foot buffer zone.  That was in the summer of 2013. 

The court action resulted in a settlement that would permit the improvements but limited the use of the bleachers for night games.  Particularly sensitive were the high powered lights and the PA system, both of which interfere with the quiet of a Millbrook evening. 

But, the agreement made in court was never concluded by the execution of a deed restriction by the MCSD recording the agreement of the parties as contemplated by the settlement.  The MSCD wanted a change that made their use restriction conditional, and therefore terminable.  

The Millbrook Independent queried the MTA about the MTA Police, what their duties are, what their budget is and how they different from the Transit Police and the NYPD.  We received the following answer from Aaron Donovan, Deputy Director for External Communications of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The MTA Police are part of the MTA.  The MTA’s annual operating budget, encompassing Metro-North, NYC Subways and Buses, MTA Police, the LIRR, the Staten Island Railroad is about $14 billion (more than half of which is paid for by fares and tolls). The MTA Police budget is $140 million per year, or 1% of the MTA’s budget.

The cost of the project to upgrade the police radio system is about $90 million over multiple years.

The Transit Police used to patrol the subway system, but they were subsumed into the NYPD Transit Bureau.   The NYPD is not part of the MTA.  It is part of the City of New York.   The Transit Police was never involved with Metro-North. 

Our editor has been exploring the ancient towns of Marche in the company of friends and a guide.  His report and photographs are under features.

September 18, 2015- The Millbrook Board of Education appointed Ms. Carolina Hernandez Pidala as the new principal for Millbrook High School Wednesday, September 16. The position became available when Julie Roberts resigned unexpectedly on Monday after only holding the position for a week. The board has been scrambling to grapple with Robert’s decision and find a replacement. Roberts has already returned to work at her former job as Principal of Seymour Smith Elementary in Pine Plains. Roberts has refused several attempts to comment about her resignation. 

After accepting Roberts’s resignation Millbrook Board of Education returned to the same applicant pool they had been working with over the summer. In July, a team of 23 interviewers including students, parents, support staff members, teachers, administrators and board of education members interviewed Pidala. Pidala was interviewed again by the board of education Thursday, September 17. 

Wednesday, September 16, a man allegedly approached two nine-year-old students of Alden Place Elementary in the morning on Washington Avenue and Church Street. The young girls were walking when the man approached them and allegedly tried to grab them. Troop K officer of public information Melissa McMorris said that state police did a through investigation following the claims for the rest of that day. Although the investigation was completed all claims proved unfounded.  As a precautionary extra patrol will continue around Millbrook Central School District area for the rest of the week. 

September 17:  Today, Dutchess County Clerk Bradford H. Kendall commemorated the 300th anniversary of the Dutchess County Clerk’s Office. The tercentennial anniversary serves to celebrate, reflect and showcase the varied aspects of how the office has evolved over the last three hundred years.

In 1715, Richard Sackett was appointed the first County Clerk by Royal Governor Robert Hunter.  Responsibilities delegated to the County Clerk included serving the Court of the Common Pleas, as the Clerk of the Peace, and Clerk of the Sessions of the Peace. Under the First Constitution, it was the clerk’s duty to keep the county records.  Deeds prior to 1718 were recorded in Ulster County. The seal of the office was that of the Court of Common Pleas. 

Early in the afternoon of Tuesday September 8, Zach Hampton officially reopened the Millbrook Gas Station at the entrance to the village.  Hampton, who owns Marona’s Market, says he decided to get involved because he believes the gas station is a crucial piece of the infrastructure of the Millbrook community. “Since we have not yet managed to find a way to do without fossil fuels, it’s a necessity.” 

Millbrook Gas will provide gasoline at a fair and reasonable price in keeping with other filling stations in the area. In addition to gas, cold drinks and snacks are also available.

The station will be open seven days a week from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm.

Zach Hampton deserves thanks for this valuable contribution to our community.


For more information and a schedule of the day's events please go to our environment page

September 15: On September 10 Dutchess Day School began the 2015/201 school year with 164 preschool through eighth grade students and 31 teachers.

Sixty years ago on September 15, 1955, the school opened with three teachers and 19 students in a few rooms in the old Red Pheasant Inn in Millbrook.  Two years later the school moved to its present location on Route 343.  

During the coming year the school will celebrate its diamond anniversary with a number of events culminating in the 60th anniversary gala and auction to be held on April 30.   

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