Wassaic, N.Y. October 2, 2015. Moby Mudge, an ex-lawyer turned photographer, has published a second book based on statues in Central Park under the Fotobs Books imprint.  Two Alice Statues in Central Park by G. A. Mudge is being released at the beginning of Alice 150 Week in New York City, a week of events organized by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 

The new book is a tribute to four artists — Lewis Carroll, 1832–1898, his illustrator, Sir John Tenniel, 1820–1914, and two sculptors Frederick G. R. Roth, and José de Creeft.  Their combined talents inspired and created the two Alice statues in New York’s Central Park - The Sophie Irene Loeb Fountain (1936) by Roth and the Margarita Delacorte Memorial (1959) by José de Creeft.  Together they constitute the greatest concentration of Carrollian statuary in the world. 

1197 Faith Tompkins and her toy poodle, Susie.

1203 Paul Schwartz, DVM gave a short address reminding us of how animals connect with us and how they and all living creatures share

1198 Diana King held on to Blue, the Florack’s energetic Austrialian Sheep dog.

1199 Rev Albert Ogle


1201 Bill Hitchcock holds a poodle while Becky Baldwin holds a Brown Swiss calf.

1202 David Greenwood shows off his well-groomed Scottish Terrior, Spot.


Hounds move off on a rainy morning

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1190 Artist and Filmmaker Todd Chandler stands next to boat built for the climate change march that floated down the Louisana River. 1191 Art instillation by Swoon Studios at the Watershed Center 1192 Attendees were asked to write on a ribbon what they would miss most about their environment due to climate change. 1193 Attendee Todd Degnan stands next to Swoon Studios art instillation at the Watershed Center.  

Historic Hudson Valley gains protections that permanently preserve site’s historic assets; Bard’s acquisition of 380-acre Dutchess County estate adjacent to its core campus consistent with strategic goals

ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, NY (Sept. 30, 2015) – Bard College and Historic Hudson Valley (HHV) have agreed to transfer ownership of Montgomery Place, a 380-acre estate with significant historic and cultural assets, to the College, whose campus is contiguous with the property from River Road to the Hudson River in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

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The following is based on a Scenic Hudson press release of 9/25/15 

Sept 25, 2015 - Scenic Hudson reports that it submitted a research report on behalf of the Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition (HVSEC) that predicts a decline in electric transmission congestion and consumer electricity prices for the Mid and Lower Hudson Valley regions.  The report, prepared by London Economics International, a firm with expertise in utility markets, was submitted to the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) which is reviewing the proposed high-voltage power lines that would run through a major swath of the Hudson Valley. The report provides an independent viewpoint from an authoritative source—a firm typically engaged by utilities and government. 

London Economics International (LEI) is a global advisory firm specializing in energy and infrastructure. Its clients include American Electric Power, Con Edison, Exelon, Green Mountain Energy and PSEG Energy Resources. LEI’s proprietary simulation model used for electricity market forecasting has been used in New York and other jurisdictions for regulatory proceedings.

Landscapes Peter Corbin and Trevor McWilliams are on view at the Millbrook School’s Warner Gallery. 

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From information supplied by a resident of the East Clinton Fire District and other sources

September 25, 2015- Residents of the East Clinton Fire District met last week on the need for candidates from the community--not members of the Fire Company--to run for three open positions on the ECFD board of commissioners in December, when all fire districts elections are held.

Everyone present seemed to be on the same page: the ECFD needs reform. New commissioners from outside the fire company will be necessary in order to institute changes.    

All who were present at the Saturday meeting were behind ECFD Chair Steve Forschler; they urged him to seek reelection. Steve is Captain of the ECFD Rescue Squad, serving for more than 25 years. He’s an engineer with business and management experience. However, he does not have a majority and has been hampered from making changes. 

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