Be sure you go out and vote. County legislators and the Amenia candidates are covered at TMI in separate articles. 

 A rundown of the candidates:

County Executive:   Mark Molinaro Rep, incumbent 

               Diane Jablonski, Dem, former comptroller

Sheriff:                    Butch Anderson runs unopposed

Dist Attorney:          William V Grady runs unopposed

Supreme Court:       Montgomery Delaney, Rep. An ex-police officer, lawyer, guitar-playing singer; has a website and an active Facebook page; his 2nd try for a judgeship.

                               Gretchen Walsh, Dem. – Highly qualified*

Cricket Valley Energy announced that Bechtel will be as the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor for the Cricket Valley gas-fied electric generation plant in Dover.  Bechtel has been a leader in the power industry for more than 60 years.  It has designed and built numerous natural gas-fired, combined cycle projects in the United States and around the world.

Bechtel has committed to making local hiring a priority.

Fire District elections have seldom been so exciting.  The Town of Clinton is divided into two fire districts.  The East Clinton Fire District is run by an elected board of five fire commissioners. Their principle job is to approve a budget that funds the fire company the cost of which is paid for by the district’s property owners.  There are two vacancies resulting from resignations that will be filled by an election on December 8. The chairman’s position is also up for election, and the incumbent, Steve Forschler, is expected to be re-elected as he is popular amongst most of the factions.

October 15: The following letter describes the power lines situation as it is unfolding behind the scenes in Albany. The proponents of the power lines are companies with powerful lobbying muscle and hundreds of millions in construction money at stake.

Open letter to Governor Cuomo from Will Yandik, Deputy Supervisor, Town of Livingston

For two years now we have pushed back against Gov. Cuomo’s Energy Highway, a plan to build 153 miles of new transmission lines from central NY through Columbia and Dutchess counties, because it could offer no proven need or value. What has become clear to us this month is that the Public Service Commission (PSC), the state regulatory agency charged with protecting the public’s interests on utility matters, recommends advancing a project that will harm Hudson Valley landowners and businesses and drain the pockets of ratepayers statewide.            

Oct 15: The 42nd annual Cow Power sale of registered Black Angus came off in perfect weather last Saturday, Oct. 10.  Most of the cattle were offered by Rally Farms and Heathcote Farms.  Twenty-three head came from Rally and 22 were from Heathcote.

Jesse Bontecou reported that his average was over $4,000 which pleased him.  Judging by the license plates on the trailers that came in expectation of hauling away purchases, bidders came from New England and New Jersey. Old timers who had been regulars at this sale showed up along with a gaggle of young aggressive bidders who snapped up offerings as fast as the auctioneer’s western drawl could spell out the bids.  Rally Farms has been in the Angus business since 1930, longer than just about any farm around.  Jesse Bontecou looks back with pride at his contribution to the breed and to a long association with this annual sale.  


October 13, 2015-

Millbrook youth will have the opportunity to learn about the art of filmmaking Saturday October 24th at The Millbrook Free Library. The non profit media education organization Spark media Project based in Poughkeepsie offers programs and workshops centered about communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills to Hudson Valley Youth. 

Oct. 11, 2015 - Over 400 people gathered in a tent set up on the grounds of Wethersfield to mark the Dutchess Land Conservancy’s annual lunch, its 30th anniversary, and the lives of two former trustees – Richard Kimball and Molly Schaefer.  The day was clear, the sky blue and the grounds of Wethersfield looked pristine.  Not a weed or blade of grass out of place.

Becky Thornton, the DLC’s executive director, thanked Kevin Molloy, the estate manager of Wethersfield for his historic contribution to the property that is the centerpiece of the Millbrook Hunt country.  “Almost all the properties we see from this vantage point are protected by conservation easements,” said Thornton.  “We now have 40,000 acres under easement,” she noted. 

1218 Nancy Stahl and Dan Slott - photo by Mary Hilliard

Malloy has been able to keep the property looking much as it has always been with a reduced staff and a reduced budget.   

The exhibitions at the RE Institute are always interesting if sometimes disconcerting. The current show, "I Know What Art You Did Last Summer," in the upstairs gallery of the Center’s big barn held in collaboration with The Watershed Center and the Studio around Swoon, features the work of some 14 artists .

for more on this story please go to our art page

October 8: Critics have been raving about the exhibition of Picasso’s Sculpture that opened recently at MOMA, and with good reason.

For the story please go to our arts page.

Oct 8: On Friday, October 23 science journalist and Cary writer-in-residence Michael Tennesen will present his new book, The Next Species: The Future of Evolution in the Aftermath of Man. 

A growing number of scientists believe the planet is headed toward a mass extinction, perhaps in as little as 300 years. Previous mass extinctions - there have been five in the last 600 million years - although destructive, also led to evolutionary change. 

Based on interviews with scientists throughout the world, including Cary Institute experts, Tennesen examines the history of our planet and describes what life here on earth would look like if we experienced another mass extinction. 

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