Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Millbrook Library is one of the treasures of our community.  I find myself there at least once a week to borrow a requested book or DVD or attend one of the many events offered such as discussions on composting, cooking demonstrations, or author readings and workshops.

I have taken for granted that the Library and its many services will always be there for me to enjoy and never wondered about its budget and funding resources.  This Election Day the Millbrook Library is requesting an increase in the funding it currently receives from the Town of Washington. The library tax assessment will vary depending upon the value of each resident’s property.  My tax will increase by $48.52: a tiny fraction of what I would spend if I were to buy the books and DVDs that I now borrow. The Library is a resource that deserves our ongoing support both through tax dollars and our patronage of its various events.  I urge all Millbrook residents to vote YES on November 3 in support of an increase in public funding for the Millbrook Library.

Cathy Morrell

 August 22, 2015

Dear Fellow Republicans:

Because Michael Kelsey is facing serious criminal charges in Saint Lawrence County, NY, Republican leaders in Dutchess County are supporting Sandy Washburn for County Legislator from the 25th District in the upcoming Primary election on Thursday, September 10.  We strongly believe that Sandy, a Pleasant Valley resident, will be an outstanding addition to the County Legislature and a very effective representative for the Towns in this district.

Sandy Washburn is a mother and a neighbor dedicated to our community, who learned her common-sense approach to problem solving on the dairy farm where she grew up.  Sandy has over a decade’s experience in the parks and recreation field and is a strong supporter of agriculture and conservation.  She has what it takes to strengthen programs for veterans, farmers, and young people while being fiscally prudent.  Sandy will be a strong voice and presence we can trust in the County Legislature.

Submitted on Thursday, August 27, 2015

As students, parents and grandparents shop for back to school supplies and teachers prepare their classrooms, my concern about the course of our state's public education system continues.

Because of this year's state budget, there will be greater emphasis on flawed evaluations of our hardworking teachers, which will further pass the stress of standardized testing on to our kids.  And, while our local public schools suffer, our state legislature just handed out $250 million dollars to non-public schools, many of which are in New York City.  These new policies are unacceptable when our Hudson Valley homeowners and business owners are getting hit with unbearable property taxes just to keep our public schools afloat.

August 3, 2015

"The Mideast Quagmire" (editorial July 28) is on target with its observations on the noxious influence of Likud and other Israeli warmongers on the outcome of the draft agreement on Iranian nuclear issues with the United States and other important world powers. In evaluating the merits of this agreement, we Americans, sadly, are the victims of the Israeli propaganda machine and its echo chamber in the Republican Party, both of which whoop it up for war at every turn. They did so in 2003 in order to invade Iraq with the phony excuse of weapons of mass destruction, and they do so again. They prefer war to an agreement, to which the United States is only one of many signatories, that greatly curtails for many years work that would lead to a nuclear weapon on Iran's part. Nothing of course is said of the Israeli nuclear arsenal, which, like the crazy aunt in the attic, is not spoken about in polite society.

Jully 31, 2015

Dear Editor:

In a recent article you wrote in reference to the Cricket Valley Energy Transmission Upgrade project, currently under review by the New York State Department of Public Service (DPS), that “The latest CVE proposal is a new line of monotowers as high as 181 feet.” With respect, I would like to correct this inaccuracy and provide important background about the Transmission Upgrade and the Cricket Valley Energy Center.

There are no 181-foot tall monopoles in the design under review by the DPS.

June 16, 2015 

The Millbrook Library Board of Trustees has voted in a unanimous decision to ask the residents of the Town of Washington for an increase in public support from the currently allocated $100,000 per year to $184,000 per year.  This measure will be placed on the ballot for the November 3, 2015 General Election.

If the community votes to increase funding, the Library is projected to be financially stable for at least the next 10 years. It will be able to maintain current hours and staffing levels, and continue to serve as a vital community anchor in Millbrook. If the community denies increased funding to the Millbrook Library, the Library's current cash reserves will be depleted and the sustainability of our current operations would be put in jeopardy. In that situation, the Board would be forced to take serious action which may include reducing Library hours and staff.

Bears, elephants, tigers, and other animals do not voluntarily ride bicycles, stand on their heads, balance on balls, or jump through rings of fire. They don't perform these and other difficult tricks because they want to; they perform them because they're afraid of what will happen if they don't. 

Circuses that continue to use animals for entertainment are cruel. The Kelly Miller Circus, which is slated to come to the Millbrook Bandshell on June 18, is no exception. 

Most people would not stand for the ill treatment of animals. And yet, because the sad lives of circus animals is hidden in the backdrop, we attend the show and support animal cruelty without knowing it.

In 2013, a witness attending the Kelly Miller Circus saw a handler beat one of the elephants who was carrying four small children on her back  with a bullhook ( a metal rod with a sharp hook attached to it) until she screamed. 

To the editor,

This letter is to clarify why “notices” (not violation summons) went out to property owners in Wassaic and Amenia in February, 2015.  The Town of Amenia’s supervisor and her son, Councilman Stephen Perotti, and another board member, decided to vote on a service to remove snow from sidewalks in the hamlets of Wassaic and Amenia.  What they failed to recognize is that the service they voted on did not include the application of salt and sand.  The offering of this substandard service gave the property owners a false sense of security and it did not relieve them from being subject to the Town of Amenia’s Code, Chapter 101-13. Snow and ice Removal Required. (“…owner, occupant, agent or person in charge shall also treat the sidewalks abutting such property with ashes, sand or other material in such manner as to reasonably enable a person to walk thereon with safety.”)

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