October 2015

Ober Gallery: Bring It On: New Paintings by Sam Posey; John A. Parks. Through October 11. Two exhibition spaces: 6 North Main Street and 11 North Main Street, Kent, CT. (860) 927-5030. obergallery.com.
Gregory James Gallery: Art of the Housatonic. Through October. 93 Park Lane Road (Route 202), New Milford, CT. (860) 354-3436; gregoryjamesgallery.com.  
David M. Hunt Library: Hunt Library Artwall: Partners: Shaari Horowitz and Alistair Jones: Oil paintings and fine furniture. Through October 24. 63 Main Street, Falls Village/Canaan, CT. (860) 824-7424; www.huntlibrary.org.    

In the ancient calendar it is the eighth month.  The year started with the spring and the month of March.  The earth cycles are the basis for most format and structure.  The idea of cause and effect are the very fabric of our thinking, as much as we would like to believe we can be totally objective.  It is good to strive for the ability to contain opposites.  Hope is the gift we all need to believe in.  Libra, as the sign of balance and the theme for the month, continues to reconcile and weigh our logic, emotion and common sense.

If you know your rising sign/ascendant, please read as well.

Aries ruled by Mars

The God of war gets us going.  How often do you need gentleness to get motivated?  Usually we get a push out the door.  There may be a bit too much analyzing of your motives.  Use your sense of humor or urge to splurge.  You must pacify Venus and the nature of harmony. Money is there to help give purpose to work and play.

Taurus ruled by Venus 

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