July 2015

Van Gogh and Nature, a superb exhibition devoted to the artist’s lifelong interest in the natural world, can be seen at the Clark Museum in Williamstown until September 13. The almost 50 works, some familiar and others not, on loan from collections both here and abroad give a vivid picture of Van Gogh’s development as an artist. 

Although he had often drawn for pleasure it was not until he was in his late twenties that he became serious about his art. His painting The Parsonage Garden in Snow, done in 1885 while he was still living at his parents’ home in the Netherlands, is a study in muted browns, greens, and grays. The patches of bare earth beneath their tattered covering of snow evoke the damp and cold of winter near the North Sea.

Jully 31, 2015

Dear Editor:

In a recent article you wrote in reference to the Cricket Valley Energy Transmission Upgrade project, currently under review by the New York State Department of Public Service (DPS), that “The latest CVE proposal is a new line of monotowers as high as 181 feet.” With respect, I would like to correct this inaccuracy and provide important background about the Transmission Upgrade and the Cricket Valley Energy Center.

There are no 181-foot tall monopoles in the design under review by the DPS.

July 31, 2015

Most of the Advanced riders begin competition today.  A few, however, rode the dressage phase Thursday. In first place as of Friday morning is Kim Severson on Fernhill Fearless. Second is Colleen Rutledge and Covert Rights, and third is Holly Payne on Santino.

Millbrook riders worth a mention in the dressage phase are Fernanda Kellogg who was second on Atlee in Novice Rider-A. In Open Novice-A Booli Selmayer was first on The Fonz Himself and second on Lord Nekton.  She was also first in Open Beginner Novice on Einstein.

Alice Roosevelt was second in Junnior Training-A on The Foreman, and in Junior Training-B she was second on South Park.  In Beginner Novice Rider-A Josephine Duggan was third on Buster Keaton. Darrah Alexander was second on Kildare’s Ballyhale in Open Novice-B.

We will update the standings as the weekend progresses.  In a day or so please check our MHT 2105 gallery for phitographs of the event,


July 29, 2015 -  The Amenia Planning Board passed five resolutions, all drafted by the lawyers, approving the construction of the Silo Ridge Field Club very much in the form set forth in the developer’s application with, however, many conditions. 

Whether the holder of the conservation easement, required under the town’s zoning law, will be the Dutchess Land Conservancy (DLC) remains an open question.  The DLC, the town and the developer are in negotiations on several points, one of which is the removal of the restaurant from the hairpin turn which the DLC is considers important in order to protect the viewshed.  The town’s attorneys proposed a generic easement; the possibility of the town holding the easement was mentioned.  The deadline for approving the development was July 30th.

August 2015

Full moon and Venus retrograde.  Packs a punch.  The sun king was admired 500 years ago.  The heavens move on.  We still love the shine but a bit of modesty and equanimity are blending with the glitz.  But do things really change?  Billionaires and rappers are the kings now...The thrill of gambling is part of our makeup.   Unconditional  love is still sought after.  It can be observed with the struggle between dog lovers and baby lovers.  Mid month, when Mars moves into Leo, the games begin and we can flirt with chaos.

Please read your ascendant and visit my website www.marymichele.org

Aries ruled by Mars

You have been constrained too long by emotional ties.  Time to start moving and getting into the fray with the initiative you were born with.  Dance with the fire and walk the hot coals.  You are the best at thinking on your feet.  Making money may not be your thing, but it will come if you find the right service to offer.

Taurus ruled by Venus

A week ago I came home with a mountain of peaches in preparation for the debut of the season’s peach tarts. I was full of pleasure at the prospect of first blanching, then slicing into eighths each juicy peach. I would then plunge the slices into hot, sweet Riesling in which I’d previously steeped a fat bunch of fresh spearmint. But I get ahead of myself:  return to the mountain of peaches…………to the first peach in fact, when I plunged in my opening knife-stroke, got nowhere much, and realized (after a fashion) that I had before me a mountain of cling peaches.  

July 29, 2015


1075 photo by Kirsten Edlund1076 photo by Tony Henneberg1077 photo by Kirsten Edlund1078 photo by Tony Henneberg1079 photo by Tony Henneberg1080 Announcer Julio Ezcurra - photo by Carola Lott 1081 Nova Escocia runners up - Tres Quartros - photo by Carola Lott1082 Buena Vista - winners of the Nueva Escocia - photo by Carola Lott1083 Gardenvale - runners up of the Eddie Moore -photo by Carola Lott1085 and his best playing pony Entrerriana - photo by Juan Oilivera

Scott Meyer of Millbrook, NY, passed away peacefully on Sunday, July 19 at The Kent in Connecticut after a 3 ? year battle with melanoma.

He was born January 11, 1954 in Sharon, CT, son of the late Barbara and Schuyler M. Meyer Jr.  He attended Dutchess Day School, graduated from Millbrook School (1973) and Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH (1977), where he received a BA in Elementary Education/Archeology/Biology as an Independent Major. He graduated cum laude with honors in Elementary Education. He described himself as a constant learner through voracious reading.  He especially loved the history of science and technology. He had a genuine love of working with students.

Scott wholeheartedly embraced each community in which he lived. After graduating from college he taught grades four to six in Massachusetts, first at the Winchendon School System, then at Applewild, a private school in Fitchburg.  He explored the world of archeology with his Winchendon students as an extracurricular activity, bringing them at year’s end to ply their skills in the backyard of his family farm in Millbrook.

'Bumblebee on Wild Bergamot. Populations of this important pollinator are declining.' -Dianne Dianne Engleke is an artist, photographer and naturalist living in beautiful Dutchess County, NY.

July 28, 2015-The Israeli propaganda machine is gearing up to defeat the Iran deal (the JCPOA or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) because the right wing Likud Party has it as an article of faith that Iran is their enemy and the US should do their bidding. They don’t trust the U.N. that regularly cites Israel for its human rights violations.  Those violations continue with yet more settlements in the Palestinian territory; the U.S. does nothing but look the other way; the rest of the world is aghast.  

Iran has no bomb and little hope of having one.  They don’t want to be the target of a preemptive strike by Israel (a real possibility and one that Iran is well aware of) and they don’t want to be invaded by US Marines demanding democracy and dollar diplomacy. They want a deal that allows them to trade, to re-engage with the free world, and restore Iran to a place among civilized nations.  Despite the millions being spent by AIPAC, Sheldon Adelson and Michael Steinhardt, Congress should recognize the propaganda and scare tactics for what they are.

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