April 2015

Scoville Memorial Library: Salisbury Band’s annual lawn concert. Bring a picnic supper, lawn chairs, and blankets and enjoy this exuberant outdoors summer concert. 5:00 p.m.–6:30 p.m. 38 Main Street, Salisbury, CT. (860) 435-2838.

August 1, 2015

The store at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Front Street opened its doors Saturday to a collection of curious villagers seeing the glorious alpaca fabrics and clothes of Alicia Adams perhaps for the first time. They also saw comfortable looking beds with exotic headboards, brightly colored block printed sheets, pillows, quilts and fabrics designed by John Robshaw of John Robshaw Textiles who is taking a portion of the space.  The upscale transformation is now complete. Franklin Avenue has become a shopping destination. 

1090 John Robshaw with some of his designs - photo by Carola Lott

For the first time Alicia Adams has the space to show her complete line to local customers.  She had been operating in tight quarters at her home farm and in temporary spaces that were more for shipping and management than for retail sales.  While her line is in stores from Maine to Florida, they don’t carry the full line, that now includes robes and the most silken, furry toy alpacas ever made.  They are sure to be Christmas favorites.  

1092 Alegra Adams loves the softness of Alpaca fleece - photo by Carola Lott



The Bethesda Fountain in Central Park was framed by a sky so blue and a background of foliage of such a hue of green that it must have been the creation of Claude Monet sent down from heaven with angelic interns, for no one else could have created the scene. The water cascading over the fountain into the pond was all the noise the city was making at that early morning moment, mimicking Debussy and his friend Monet, both with a light touch, both loving water.  The runners making their way around the park may have been oblivious, but their silence shows they respect the museum quality of the landscape they were running through. 

Theresa Howard Carter, ("T.A.") distinguished archaeologist and scholar of the Ancient Near East, died at home in West Chester, Pennsylvania on April 19th.  She was 85 years old. 

Dr. Carter represents one of the last of a generation of intrepid, pioneering women archaeologists who excavated their way across the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and North Africa.  She worked during a time of enormous discovery and at some of the greatest archaeological sites dug during the twentieth century.  It was her flash camera that took the first photographs within the darkness of the Midas Tomb at Gordion in Turkey during the summer of 1957.  Here, she worked with director Rodney Young and his team from the University of Pennsylvania, alongside Machteld Mellink, Emily Vermeule, and Ellen Kohler.  

Millbrook Library: Guided meditation session with Yoga teacher Nancy Causey, who will be using a meditation technique called Yoga Nidra.  This is a state of conscious sleep reached through guided meditation.  Participants will lie down on a blanket on the floor with support for head and knees.  6 p.m. Registration encouraged.  3 Franklin Avenue, Millbrook. (845) 677-2611.      
Bardavon: Daytime Performance series: Catherine Wheels Theatre Company of Edinburgh, Scotland, presents Lifeboat (based on a true World War II–era story). For children in grades 6–8. 10:30 a.m. Children, $6; adults, $10. Market Street, Poughkeepsie. (845) 473-5288, ext.106.
Moviehouse, Millerton: NY Film Critics’ Series Live in HD: Every Secret Thing, based on the novel by Laura Lippman; directed by Amy Berg. Rated R. Live, interactive, pre-release movies and big screen HD simulcast interviews; interactive Q&A with stars and filmmakers, moderated by Peter Travers, film critic for Rolling Stone Magazine. 7:30 p.m.; preshow opens at 7:00 p.m. $15. 48 Main Street. (518) 789-0022.
Grace Episcopal Church: The Spirituality of Aging: A panel discussion and workshop. With Mary Lou Walker, Diane McNeil, Jean Hayes, and Matthew Calkins, D. Min., Rector of Grace Church. Third of three presentations on the financial, medical, and spiritual issues of aging and end-of-life. 6 p.m. Parish Hall. 3328 Franklin Avenue, Millbrook. Registration requested. (845) 677-3064; www.gracemillbrook.org.
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